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Romantic. Elegant. Authentic.
Storytelling photography & film for the madly in love. 

My Approach...

I should probably say something here about being 'natural' and 'relaxed.' Those seem to be the buzz words for wedding photography these days! But while I do try to keep my approach as natural and relaxed as possible I also know that getting a gorgeous photo sometimes requires a little prompting! But don't worry my prompts are super fun and designed to create a natural response that will make sure you get authentic and romantic photos! After all this is the best day of your life so you want to look your best in all those pictures! 

When it comes to video I take a documentary approach in order to create a real time capsule of your day. I want your film to fit in with all your other home videos so you can look back and remember exactly how it felt to be there on that day! 

But Saffron, how do you do both photos and video?! you might be wondering. I'm what's called a hybrid wedding photographer and videographer! It means I bring multiple cameras and shoot both photo and video on the day. This means you get a more relaxed and simple experience as there aren't multiple people following you around jostling for space. It's just me and my cameras! It also means your photos and video match in terms of style and editing! 

If you want to see an example of my work then have a look below at some real life weddings that I did for couples just like you!


And if you're wondering what a photographer does all day take a look at this handy example of a typical wedding timeline on the

What to expect page.

Reasons to Hire Melody Fern Studios 

  • You want gorgeous, flattering and stunning photos that you can treasure forever 

  • You want to have fun with your bridal party getting those photos 

  • You don't want a huge film crew of photographers and videographers following you around all day 

  • You actually want to enjoy your wedding and spend time with your guests once the photos are done 

  • You want a wedding film that feels true to life and nostalgic whenever you watch it 

If this sounds like what you want then get in touch and let's chat! 

Still not convinced? Check out these real life weddings...


Tom & Lizzie

Tickton Grange, Beverley

27.10.23 prevs-5.jpg

Zack & Louise 

Spofforth Castle, Harrogate


"Oh my goodness they're just gorgeous. I nearly cried looking through them! Thank you so much for capturing such incredible parts of the day! 

Elliott & Millie 

"I cannot stress enough how fantastic these photos are and how wonderful you were on the day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Nathan & Tugce 

"Oh my god they are everything I hoped for and more! I genuinely cannot believe how beautiful they are. Thank you so so much."

Kane & Isabella 

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