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How to nail a confetti throw!

Updated: Jan 19

You've seen all the gorgeous pictures online of a bride and groom gazing into each other's eyes while confetti rains down on them like the softest snow. But you're low key worried that your family and friends are more likely to throw it into your eyes and stuff it down your top. How do you get those lovely in-the-moment pictures admist the utter chaos of a wedding celebration? Fear not - I have done many a confetti throw and I am here with all the tips!

FIRST OF ALL - buy the confetti!

This may seem like a no brainer. But people often don't realise that your guests will probably not come to your wedding with bags of confetti to drown you in. Back in the olden days it was a given that your aunties would turn up with loads of the stuff to ram down your new husband's trousers (and this does still happen occasionally, believe me). But nowadays people expect the bride and groom to supply the confetti (if they even think about it at all). So make sure to get plenty of confetti and put someone in charge of dishing it out after the ceremony. Your wedding co ordinator will usually sort this, but if not get a bridesmaid or usher to do it. And make sure every body knows not to start throwing it until the photographer is ready! Which brings me to my second point...


If you've hired a professional (ahem, like me) then they should have already asked you about this. Usually the confetti throw takes place after the ceremony but you may want to give you and your guests some time to grab a drink and calm down after the excitement of your nuptials. When you're ready, get the photographer to organise the confetti throw for you. They will need to liase with your co ordinator about this, as some venues only allow confetti to be thrown in certain places. And of course your photographer will want to do this in the best place for light and composition. If you have a videographer as well make sure they are both present before you start. The last thing you want is for the videographer to miss it because they were in the loo or something!


There are two options for how you want to do a confetti throw. You can stand still and have your guests surround you in a horseshoe shape. Or you can get them to make a tunnel for you to walk through. It's entirely up to you which you would prefer. A horseshoe is great if there's limited space and also is less pressure on you to do anything. You literally just have to stand there and look pretty. Couples will often share a kiss which looks great. The only draw back is it's over quickly as everyone throws the confetti at the same time - so your photographer has to get it in one shot and you have to make sure you're ready. So make sure you and your partner agree on what you're going to do beforehand as once that confetti's thrown there's no second round! Unless of course you buy extra and hold some back which I would definitely recommend if this is how you want to do it!

The second option is for your guests to line up either side and make a tunnel for you to walk through while they throw the confetti as you pass. This gives your photographer more opportunities to get photos of you. You can also mix it up a bit and pause part way down to have a kiss or to throw your bouquet in the air. If you're going to do it this way then here are a few tips to help it go well

Take it slow! When people are throwing things at you your instincts will tell you to run. But you're more likely to trip up or have an accident if you do this - especially if you're going down steps. So take it slow! Walk in unison together, pause if you need to, and try to enjoy the moment with your friends and family.

Ask your guests to throw the confetti over you, not at you. We want the confetti to rain down on you like snow, not hit you in the face like a tennis ball. Your photographer should instruct your guests to do this before you start.

Think twice about including children or dogs in the walk. It sounds like a great idea and can create some cut pictures if it goes well. But it can also be very intimidating and upsetting for young children or pets who don't really understand what is happening.

Keep your mouth closed. As much as I love big natural smiles I once had a bride choke on a huge clump of confetti someone threw in her face. So try to keep your mouth mostly closed - you don't want to swallow any or worse choke!

Smile and keep your heads up! Again when people are throwing things at you you might feel intimidated. But this is supposed to be a fun tradition to bring you good luck. So enjoy yourself and smile! Listen out for your photographer's instructions - if it's a long tunnel there should be time to stop and have a kiss or do a twirl. Play up to the camera and have some fun!


You can play your part in helping the environment by buying biodegradable confetti or dried petals.

Always check with your venue if confetti is actually allowed and whereabouts. Some venues don't allow it because of the environmental implications or if they have birds such as peacocks living in the grounds.

If you don't want to or aren't allowed to have confetti consider these alternatives!

Bubbles - this is a more environmentally friendly option. Give out bubbles for your guests to blow and maybe even buy some bubble machines!

Wands - instead of throwing things give your guests wands to wave as you walk past.

And finally if the weather is terrible and you can't go outside don't despair! Ask your venue if you can do the confetti throw inside. After the ceremony you will take your first steps as a married couple back down the aisle. This is the perfect time to have your guests throw the confetti over you.

I hope this article was helpful for you! Always remember your wedding day is about you so only do what you feel comfortable with and what you will enjoy!


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