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What to expect...


Each wedding is different from the last, and I love being challenged to get fantastic photographs no matter what the location is, or what the weather is like. My wedding photography style is relaxed and romantic. I capture all the wonderful and silly moments, and let you get on with having a brilliant time. We want to make sure the end result is a set of beautiful images that are an honest reflection of your day and the unforgettable moments that unfolded. I’m really relaxed and my aim is to capture beautiful, natural, storytelling photographs of your day. This is your wedding and I want to reflect you, your personality and style as much as possible. 

Getting ready...


The morning of your wedding should be a lovely time for you to relax and enjoy getting ready with those closest to you. Keep things running as smoothly as possible by preparing beforehand. Make sure your space is kept tidy on the day. Have the things you need set aside in one corner. If you are having bridesmaids and groomsmen consider getting matching pyjamas or robes. It will make them feel special and we can get some great photos of you all together! Decide beforehand who is helping you get dressed and ask them to be ready first so that they are happy to be photographed. Have you considered doing a reveal for the person giving you away? It can be a wonderful, emotional moment as they see you in your dress for the first time!


First Look 

We've all seen the first looks with parents and bridesmaids. But have you considered doing a first look with your fiancé? 

A first look photo session can be an amazing part of your wedding day! The goal is to capture the genuine emotion of the couple seeing each other for the first time, away from family and friends. If you're not sure about this, let me explain why it would be a romantic addition to your wedding day celebration that not only adds to the experience but reduces stress as well!

Most couples don’t realize that when you come down the aisle and see your partner for the first time, there isn’t really a moment for each of you to talk, touch, or embrace. You have to wait until after the ceremony is over, and the reaction just isn’t the same. The walk down the aisle, and the first time you see your partner is an amazingly powerful moment, and something you’ll remember forever, but if you’ve had a first look, and you’ll both be much more relaxed. Instead, the pressure will be off and you’ll both be able to enjoy the ceremony. The nerves will be gone and when nerves are gone, true emotions are free to be expressed! More and more couples are choosing to do this now and its become one of my favourite parts of the day.


The Ceremony 


Your wedding ceremony will be one of the key moments of your life. Surrounded by your nearest and dearest you will make a lifelong commitment to your best friend. The last thing you want during that intimate moment is a camera in your face. During the ceremony I will try to be as quiet and discreet as possible but I will be there to make sure all the key moments are caught forever in a photograph. Here are a few tips to get the best out of your ceremony pictures.



Make sure everyone in your bridal party knows what they are doing and where to go. Wait until each bridesmaid has gotten to the top of the aisle before the next one starts. This makes sure you don't all get stuck!


As you walk down the aisle, keep your head up and your flowers down! Ideally flowers should be no higher than your belly button. This ensures everyone gets to see your face as you arrive.


If your dress is long and you're afraid of tripping up then give it a little kick as you put one foot forward!


Don't worry about things like the rings or the first kiss being caught. We can always stage them afterward.


Ignore the camera! Enjoy the moment and focus on the person you're marrying!


Provide confetti! Not a lot of people bring it to weddings now so if you have your heart set on a confetti tunnel provide plenty for your guests to use. White or pale pink shows up best!


Formal Portraits 

The formal portraits usually take place after the ceremony (make sure your guests know this so they don't wander off!). It can take half an hour to an hour so I strongly recommend making a list before hand of all the essential pictures that you want and trying to keep them as limited as possible. Give the list to someone who knows who people are so they can help your photographer round people up! One big family photo followed by smaller groups of people you are close to, such as parents and siblings, is often all you need - but having a list makes sure that no one gets upset at being left out! Instead of having individual photos say with each sibling, could you have one group photo with all the siblings? On the other hand if you have extended family who have travelled far it's nice to make them feel appreciated with a formal photograph! You know your family and friends best so do whatever works for you!


Bridal Party Photographs 

The photos with your bridal party can be one of the most enjoyable parts of the day. As much as it's important to get a formal portrait of you all looking dapper in your amazing outfits - it's also important to let loose and have some fun! I have a variety of prompts and poses up my sleeve to keep you all entertained (give me your best pout, throw the groom in the air!) If you bring the right energy and light heartedness we can have a great time!


Couple Session 

Now that all the group shots are done it's time to get romantic and spend a little time together (with me there to photograph it of course!) For these shots I like to take you away from everyone so that you can relax and just enjoy the moment and each other. There are a few poses that I use to show off your outfits and the love between you, but for the most part I try to give you prompts and things to do rather than making you stand there awkwardly. I usually do these before your reception, but if its still light I will also take you out again afterwards for some photos during golden hour when the light is softer and more flattering!




Make sure your venue knows not to let guests into your reception room until it has been photographed! I usually do this just before you go in for your meal as I like to capture all the details for you to remember. It's standard to provide a meal for your photographer and most venues will have somewhere for me to sit and eat while you enjoy your meal with your guests. I will be back for speeches and please let me know if you have anything else planned that you need me to photograph so I can dip back in!

The Cake


There is a long standing tradition that the newly weds cut the cake and try the first bite! This is a great photo opportunity not just for your photographer but for your guests as well! It's also a lovely way to start the evening festivities and most venues will arrange this for you just before the first dance. 

Party Time! 


Whether it's a cute little shuffle or an extravagant choreographed affair - the first dance is a romantic way to open up the dance floor! I like to stick around for a few dances after to get some pictures of your guests letting loose so kick those heels off, grab a drink and have some fun! One of my best tips for a heaving dance floor is for you and your partner to lead the way and keep dancing for as long as you can! Because if you're dancing the night away then your guess will do too! 


Sparklers & Fireworks 

You don't have to have sparklers and fireworks at your wedding - but it would be a lot cooler if you did! 

Especially if you're getting married in Autumn or Winter as it gets darker a lot quicker. And it has such a festive feel that your guests will love! 


If you are going to provide sparklers make sure to buy the long ones so there's plenty of time to get pictures. I advise organising your guests into a half circle behind and around you and standing in the middle. And don't forget to check with your venue whether sparklers are allowed. 

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